Our history

” Trade-Manufacturing Company- ROSA ” was founded in 1979 by Romuald Sakowicz under the name “Plastic Processing and Toys Works” located in the suburbs of Warsaw, in Hipolitów near Halinów. For years, having the status of the innovating and dynamically developing unit , the company was producing  technical and gardening hoses and toys. In 2008 the company was taken over by the granddaughter of the founder, Alice Sakowicz – Soldatke .

The company constantly develops and improves , as evidenced by our achievements:

2008 – 2016   Six-time increase efficiency of the production process

2010 – 2015   Implementation of 6 investment projects, with the participation of EU and national funding

2012     The implementation of the ERP system ; construction of a new production hall

2013     Relocation production to a new building

2014     Change of the recycling technology

2015      Extension of the machine park with two production lines and extending the range of products with diameters of 70-90 mm​​; renovation and reorganization of storage space; relocation of the sales office to a new facility.

2016               Modernization of two production lines for small diameters products.

2017               Implementation of  ISO 9001:2015
Now, thanks to continued investments in technology, we have a large production flexibility while maintaining the highest quality standards. We specialize in the production of hoses and profiles according to the parameters provided by the Client . Based on our knowledge and over 40 years of experience in plastics processing, we provide our customers with the selection of the parameters of the product so that it best suited to their needs and the intended use .

We strive to make our production was the most environmentally friendly. We care about energy efficiency, recovery and recycling in our processes in line with the accepted environmental policy .